Slick UI

Like other apps, Slick UI is a Homescreen-replacement Launcher for Android. It will replace your stock homescreen and add in some great new, more functional and aesthetically pleasing features to make the everyday use of your Android-phone more... well, fun!

The goal of this project is to make the Launcher silky smooth, functional and highly customizable. We're aiming to make the app-drawer the most powerful ever seen in an Android Launcher. Some of the features will be:

Support for tags
Side-swiping withing the drawer
Re-arrange your apps within the app-drawer
Powerful and stylized widgets

Features Official thread at XDA Official Twitter-account



How far along is the project?

Don't get too excited yet! Work has just started, so don't expect anything that actually works soon. There is a lot of work to be done, and we really have to think this through if we want it to 'feel' right.

We just posted a video with a preview of our Dockbar. Notice though, that the design of the dockbar has been changed dramatically already (as you can see in the screenshots above). The video was taken during an earlier stage in the project. However, it still showcases the functionality of the feature quite well. Stay tuned for more videos and updates!



Customizable dock
In Slick UI, there will be a custom dock at the bottom of your screen in which you can drag-and-drop your shortcuts. You can either directly drag-and-drop them from the homescreen, as well as from your app-drawer. This will not be limited to applications. Any kind of shortcut can be dropped into the dock, such as contacts, bookmarks and even 'tags'. Clicking on a tag will automatically open the app-drawer and swipe to the appropiate tag-'column'.

Innovative app-drawer

• Support for tags. Tag your apps, choose a tag-color and quickly access all apps assigned to that tag just by tapping on a shortcut.

• Side-swiping withing the drawer. By default, the app-drawer will show all apps on your phone (there will be an option to hide certain apps). Swipe right to browse through your tags, swipe left to access the 'Recent apps', 'Most popular apps' and 'Memory info' (Number of apps installed, available memory etc). A great example of this can be found in Tweetdeck.

• Re-arrange your apps within these tag-'columns' by holding an icon and move it over the grid. Other apps will 'automagically' move out of the way.

Detailed info coming soon.


you can have up to seven homescreens, and we're aiming to add in the popular 'birds eye view' features as well, making it easy to quickly navigate to the desired homescreen and organize the order in which they are displayed.